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NinaDimplez is a US based company that works hard to bring peace and positivity into your life with our official products and 1st rate customer service. NinaDimplez is truly my own little passion project, gaining more and more traction each day. I hope you enjoy browsing my K-Pop shop and all I have to offer. Take a look around and enjoy!

Below are 7 things that make NinaDimplez different than most Kpop shops (Get it? 7 for OT7, 😂)

1. I will never sell items I don't have in my possession or I don't have secured in my Japan / Korean warehouse waiting to be shipped to me.

To keep my integrity as a kpop store I promise to never do the "dropship" approach.

2. I don't make any money on shipping costs, in most cases I lose money on shipping in an effort to make the items more affordable for everyone.

Shipping cost and import fees can kill a #Kpopshop (unless they dropship and pass that single item cost to the customer which is why everyone is doing it). One way to mitigate this cost is buying in large amounts with different items and shipping them over to the USA. It's not unusual for me to spend $10,000+ in a month on items from Japan and Korea just for it to get to the USA and pay import taxes on it coming through customs.

3. NinaDimplez is a registered business with a tax ID number.

Yes, I pay income taxes, import taxes and collect sales taxes when I need to. Also, my name (NinaDimplez), logo and phrase ( Luv U Lotz ) are trademarked. I decided to become a registered business to show the community I'm as legit as I can be.

4. I don't buy from larger know Kpop shops and resell the items.

If I did this I would not be able to closely match them in pricing and shipping because I would have to mark up the item massively to resell it

I WANT to speak to you.

I may not be able to respond to everyone but I love interacting and connecting with the community about kdrama and Kpop. I support these groups, my bias is J-Hope & I love OT7. For me, this is not just about profit. Kpop is a part of my everyday life and I love connecting with people. K-pop brings me joy and I have met some amazing people through the community. Hell, y'all see my kpop collection 😂🤣

6. I ship out items FAST and I communicate during the shipping process (because I actually have the items)

If US customs is not holding my shipment for paperwork reasons (Which happens) or covid is slowing things down, It takes as little as 3 days to 5 days to receive items from Korea and Japan. At that point, I can get the items out to you in 3 to 5 days assuming there are no delays. I may not be able to control delays in the shipping services provided here in the US but as soon as the item is ready it will be out that same day if possible. I also do my best to keep you informed whenever there are complications with your order.

7. NinaDimplez is transparent.

If something changes, I'm going to tell you. If there are problems that came up due to shipping, I'm going to tell you. If your item is no longer in stock at the time of you placing your order, I'm going to tell you. If it's an item I can't get for you because that would only require me ordering one from an odd location, I'm going to tell you. Integrity is very important to me because you could have made your purchase with anyone but you chose to make it with me and for that I am grateful.

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